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I need to get home.

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WRITING:--i DON'T KNOW IF ANYONE HAS TOLD YOU BUT AIDPAGE IS NOT AN ATM. Most of us are awaiting our ssi or ss checks next week and that measley check has to last for a month. Do you honestly think that millionares come to this site, the majority of us all came here with a wish for money and or resouces and we just stayed and helping give out resources is what aidpage is all about. No one here is going to give you $25000 so if I were you play the lottery because your more likely to win that than get any money from here. I wish you luck in your endeavor sincerely mamashe/sheshe
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Shalom, love, and peace to you.
That sound's like a plate full if you will. I can sympothize with what you may be facing. That sound's like to much to bare alone.
That sound's like a job for God. You speak of God. I shall agree totally with you that he will meet the need's you have. God can accomplish from the most simpliest need to the impossible. That mean's from a few dollar's to the most serious life threatening illness known to man. God blessed me in my time of finacial need, and he healed me of cancer. Just as I know has allways been there for me. HE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU.
He love's you, and so do I.
I will agree in prayer with you friend that God will meet all your need's, and that mean's NO need is to big for a sovereign, loving God.
Be Blessed.
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You told ALL of us here: to go to HELL........

So, if people are gone to HELL then how can you expect them to HELP you?

Ain't no money in HELL !!!!!!!!!

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 in response to CATLUV...   Thank You Cat your are a darling to think of an older woman like me. I hope I have a lot of life in front of me and I am going to look for that woman that you suggested. Thank You again and for what ever life throws at you I hope you have a big catchers mitt and throw it right back. Ladytigger
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There is a woman named Doris Buffett ... she wrote a book called "Giving it All Away" ... I have included the link to the story about this very wealthy woman and what she does. Perhaps it may be of some help to you and your situation if you could find a way to contact her? I thought about doing so myself. I understand life altering and life threatening illness, surgeries, etc., very well myself. I can also understand the desperate need to see your family before going into something so risky and scary. Maybe this will be of help, I don't know, but it's worth a shot. If you can find someone here to donate money, that's excellent, but as I've shared before, it's not likely considering that most people are in very desperate financial circumstances themselves. I truly hope that you find a way to see your family and that your health improves with these surgeries. Blessings to you, Cat

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